[l2h] No bibliography in .html files

Nancy Vandenberg Nancy Vandenberg <nrv@gemini.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 13:20:13 -0400

I am using LaTeX2HTML fairly successfully with the exception of the
bibliography. The
citations appear as [#!keyword!#] and only the number "2" appears at the
bottom of the
.html file instead of the bibliographic entries. I am not using bibtex
because the small
number of references are all contained within the {thebibliography}
environment. I just
want to get the references printed at the bottom of the .html file. Am I
missing some
switch? These .tex files produce correct printed documents and I'd like
to have the same
appearance on the web version.

Any help would be appreciated.
Nancy Vandenberg