[l2h] l2h99.1 on win95 -- segmentation?

Magnus Lewis-Smith Magnus Lewis-Smith <Magnus.Lewis-Smith@pace.co.uk>
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:15:38 +0100

I am having some difficulty generating the html form of the manual for
latex2html v.99.1 under windows 95.  I have had no trouble installing the
software, and have been able to convert all the simple LaTeX documents I
have tried so far.  (I am a complete novice when it comes to l2h, although I
used it several years ago on a unix machine).

I am not familiar enough with 'make' to be sure what is going on in the
conversion, but I suspect that is not the problem.  Having looked through
the source for manual.tex etc, I think that the problem is that the \segment
commands are not being expanded.  All that I get of the manual is:

* the frontmatter -- credits, acknowledgements etc., 
* table of contents, list of figures and tables (empty)
* bibliography, index, glossary etc.

A search of the archives threw up a reference to $NO_FORK which causes
problems under win95, and recommended adding some code at ... erm ... about
line 1879, I think.  That didn't help, and is possibly not relevant.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Magnus Lewis-Smith