[l2h] want to install on NT

Gerard van Nes Gerard van Nes <jvannes@wxs.nl>
Thu, 05 Aug 1999 00:25:03 -0700

Zachary Uram wrote:
> I recently got larger hard drive (6 gigs - was just 1 gig before) and I
> should have enough room to install LaTeX stuff. I have some questions
> 1) Where can I get latest LaTeX distribution for PC (NT specifically) and
> how much would full install take of room?

4allTeX version 5 updated up to June 1999 special for windows-95/NT
(DOS/Win-3.1 users need version 4).

More information: http://4tex.ntg.nl/
> 2) Will I need to install Perl and if so where can I get it for NT and how
> much room it take?
> 3) Where can I get latest version of latex2html for NT? How much room will
> it take up?

Gerard van Nes
Dutch TeX Usersgroup NTG

Contents overview of 4TeX 5.0
======== ======== == ========
4TEX is based on the famous, fast, and well-known Web2c distribution
for Win32, also know as fpTeX. Web2c is the most widely used TeX
implementation world wide that runs on Unix, Windows, DOS, VMS, Atari
and several other platforms. Besides that, the 4allTeX (yes for all!)
CD-ROMs contain lots of Windows software that TeX users may need.
It contains the latest 4TEX version, 5.0. 4TEX gives the user a
friendly interface with a large set of utilities.

- 4TEX contains software in direct executable form.
- 4TEX supports many different TeX formats, such as plain TeX,
  LaTeX 2e, Polish, TeXinfo, LaTeX 2.09, ConTeXt, CSLaTeX, MEX,
  pdfTeX, eTeX.
- 4TEX supports many printer drivers (including colour deskjets,
  linotronics, matrix printers, 300/600/1200 dpi laserprinters,
  laserjets, fax, ghostscript etc. 4TEX can even output PDF!
- 4TEX supports graphics: both for previewing and printing. All
  functionality of e.g. GhostScript 5, LaTeXcad, Gnuplot, Mayura Draw,
  Paint Shop Pro, is included, ready to use!
- 4TEX includes 4Spell: a spell-checker for languages English (UK),
  English (USA), Dutch, German (old and new spelling), French,
  Spanish, South-African, Italian, Polish, Chech, Slovak, Russian,
  Swedish, Danish, Slovenian.
- 4TEX contains conversion utilities: WP to LaTeX/TeX,
  MS-Word/Chiwriter PC-Write/troff to LaTeX, detex, midi2tex, (La)TeX
  to HTML, LaTeX to RTF, etc.
- 4TeX can convert almost any graphics format, using ImageMagick
- 4TEX contains a huge set of .sty .cls .mf .pk .tfm .bst etc. files.
- 4TEX supports Metafont with automatic font generation.
- 4TEX supports MetaPost for drawing pictures.
- 4TEX fully supports PostScript fonts. E.g. with automatic font
  generation using GSFTOPK.
- With 4TEX you can view and print directly in e.g. Times on any
- 4TEX contains database utilities, supports MakeIndex, etc.
- 4TEX comes with a choice of fine editors, such as MED, PFE and
- 4TEX supports block compilation: mark a small part of your (large)
  document, and only that part will be compiled and viewed.
- 4allTeX contains a huge set of documentation, including
  TeX/LaTeX/Metafont/MetaPost documentation and tutorials both for
  novices and gurus, including:
  . MAPS issues (both Dutch and English articles; starting in 1988;
    more than 2000 pages with high density information arranged in a
    large set of PostScript and PDF files),
  . all TEX-NL issues,
  . all BASKERVILLE issues
  . A lot of tutorials in TeX/LaTeX source (also in .dvi, .pdf, and
  . ps files),
        The `TeX book' and the `Metafont book' in TeX source format, 
        FAQ about TeX, PostScript, fonts, etc, 
  .  4allTeX contains specials: chess (including chinese), bridge,
  .  crossword, go, and more; including all fonts.
- 4allTeX contains Arabic, French, Cyrillic, Polish and Chinese
- With 4TEX, it is very easy to generate completely new formats.
- 4allTeX contains a lot of .dvi, and PostScript utilities.
- 4allTeX contains extensive bibliographies on TeX-related topics.
- Because TeX is extremely useful for the generation of HTML, PDF and
  other multimedia documents you will find a lot of those programs on
  the CD-ROM.
  Lots of documentation is available in HTML format.