[Fontinst] Problem generating OT2 Minion Cyrillic

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Sun Aug 31 22:31:27 CEST 2003


"UD" == Ulrich Dirr writes:

 UD> I tried something like

 UD> \input fontinst.sty
 UD> % the next two files and cyrillic.mtx are from the t2 package
 UD> \input fnstcorr
 UD> \input cyralias
 UD> \installfonts
 UD> \resetint{minimumkern}{4}
 UD> \transformfont{pmnr7r} {\reencodefont{OT2}{\fromafm{pmnr7k}}}
 UD> \installfont{pmnr7k}{pmnr7r,cyrillic}{OT2}{OT2}{pmnx}{m}{n}{}
 UD> \endinstallfonts
 UD> \bye

your AFM file is cp1251-encoded, so the correct name for it is
pmnr6w but not pmnr7k

 UD> First there must be something wrong with definitions
 UD> \setint{xheight}{\height{cyrh}} \setint{capheight}{\height{CYRA}}
 UD> \setint{ascender}{\height{cyrb}} \setint{descender}{\depth{cyrr}}
 UD> in cyrillic.mtx because I always got error messages like

please revert definitions of xheight, etc in cyrillic.mtx to original
definitions, and add the line "\unfakable{cedilla}"

the errors "Missing number, treated as zero." occur as the result of
commands like \height{...} where "..." is some latin letter. That
happens because you re-encoded the font to OT2 encoding, and as a
result there are no latin letters in the default encoding - they were
"notglyphs", and commands such as \height{...} work only for "real"


  does it make sense to change commands such as \height to look first
  for "real" glyph, and if it's not found, try to extract the info
  from the "notglyph"?

 UD> Ok, a char table looks ok. But when typing typical russian
 UD> sentences -- and looking into the vpl -- it becomes obvious that
 UD> all ligatures are missing (like 'obp2ekt', 'tsarp1' etc.).

 UD> Please could someone explain me (1) the general correct
 UD> procedures and (2) my concrete misunderstandings?

The following works for me (with the above change to cyrillic.mtx re
unfakable cedilla):

\input fontinst.sty
% the next two files and cyrillic.mtx are from the t2 package
\input fnstcorr
\input cyralias


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