[Fontinst] PSNFSS for URW fonts?

Walter Schmidt w-a-schmidt at arcor.de
Mon Mar 24 13:46:05 CET 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 09:48:35 +0100, Ulrich Dirr wrote:

>> The Times fonts (the real ones) come also with AR3, and
>> Courier, Symbol and ZapfDingbats are still provided with
>> newer AR versions.  However, they have no advantage over
>> URW's clones, which are indistinguishable.
>But you know that there're different versions nevertheless. From v1.006
>to v1.007 (the well-known shape of the 'z' in italic) but also changes
>to v2.000 (compare, e.g., kern pairs 283 vs 1038 in italic)

You mean the Adobe Times fonts?  Well, the AR3 distributions include 
version 1.007, and that's exactly what the present PSNFSS refers to.  
I.e., the TFMs and VFS are based on version 1.007 of the AFM files.  
You may run into trouble, when you actually _purchase_ the Times 
fonts and get version 2.000.  

We have the same Preoblem with Palatino:  The version you can 
_purchase_ from Adobe (2.000) is clearly different from the 
classical PostScript base font (1.05), despite the same FontName.

That's why a new PSNFSS should be based upon the URW fonts.  They
must always be embedded, so you can make sure to embed the version
that matches the TeX font metrics.  I expect to make a test release
available in 6 weeks or so.


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