[Fontinst] OpenType and unix/linux and tex

Ulrich Dirr ud at art-satz.de
Mon Mar 24 08:40:01 CET 2003

> Yes; in the *nix world, you can use pfaedit for that purpose.  The
> easiest way to go probably is to extract two Type 1 fonts (pfaedit
> produces PFBs and AFMs with all the kerning data) for every font
> shape that you want to use: one in Adobe Standard and one in Adobe
> Expert encoding. After that, you can use the generic fontinst stuff
> to install these fonts under TeX. 
You mean pfaedit reads the correct original OT tables (does it handle
kern classes?) for producing the afm files?

I've looked at AJensonPro-Regular with the FDK and it produces a pretty
killing 1MB afm file (StartKernPairs 46701 ...) plus 639 char metrics. I
can't see any easy way to get all this into TeX. And BTW even FontLab
has difficulties producing perfect type-1 versions.

I would greatly encourage some kind of native format support (e.g. in
pdftex) which will probably result in an extra program extracting
_correct_ kerning data (plus specialities?). But this will again include
discussion for Unicode support.

Ulrich Dirr

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