Han The Thanh
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:17:19 -0400

> >I would like to have something to generate `rich' afm files, which
> >apart from the original data can contain information for composition
> >like:
> >
> >CC Abreve 2 ; PCC A 0 0 ; PCC breve 194 211 ;
> >
> >as well as kerning data for them. I need it to create Type1 files that
> >contain all accented characters using fontinst.
> Should be possible to do, although your may have to implement a bit of
> guessing for determining which component glyph is the accent. When fontinst
> has built all the composite glyphs you want, the data for glyph GLYPH is
> stored in the MAPCOMMANDS part of \g-GLYPH, so you could write a command
>   \writeccentry{GLYPH}
> which processes these data and writes out the corresponding information in
> AFM format. The MAPCOMMANDS you definitely would have to interpret are
> \saved_raw (has the raw glyph name in third argument; without that it would
> have been trickier), \saved_movert, \saved_moveup, \saved_push, and
> \saved_pop. You might also encounter \saved_rule, \saved_special,
> \saved_warning, and \saved_scale, but I believe all of these would
> constitute errors in this context (VF features not supported in AFM).

excellent! thanks for the guidance. I will give a try and see whether it is