Faking the ligatures

Pierre MacKay mackay@cs.washington.edu
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 21:22:18 -0400

I really doubt that a type1 font with Adobe Standard Encoding would
lack the fi ligature.  THey even use it in Courier, which is truly
bizarre, because it denies the genius of Courier as a monospace font.

If you are in any doubt, run the t1utils program t1disasm on the
PFA file and see if there is a character recipe for fi and fl.
I will wager there is, and that it turns out to be at the
sites 256 and 257 decimal.  It might even be illegal to
declare a font as conforming to ASE if it lacked these characters.
(Illegal, but "de minimis non curat lex.)

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