T1 (was Re: Comments wanted: Directory structure of fontinst/inputs/)

Hilmar Schlegel schlegel@vossnet.de
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 00:38:21 -0400

Karsten Tinnefeld wrote:
> > > 2nd and 3rd in romanian, see the discussion on latex-l last week (see
> > > http://www.latex-project.org/LaTeX-home.html)
> >
> > Is there a WWW or FTP archive of the list (without a subscription
> > flooding mail?)

Many thanks for the "pointer"!

* There are people having a need to get it straight (or at least easier)
* It would be bad news to refer to Omega as the only way to cope with
the little hooks ;-)
* There is still confusion (mainly introduced by M$-Win WGL4-fonts which
do not have the characters where Unicode 3 defined them later, moreover
also due to wrong design of the shapes)
* ex 'n em constructions are silly
* To Werner: commaaccent it is definitvely no "small comma"! One can use
a small comma from a font with curved commas as a *substitute*. You can
see this in lead-composition and fonts with a prime-shaped comma: the
commaaccent is then still a little disconnected hook.
* It is relatively easy to provide acceptable workarounds for fontinst
(the T1 encoding has mostly some vacancies when common fonts are used,
which allow to fit in the auxiliary characters/accents). This applies to
local solutions only.

Best regards,

Hilmar Schlegel