Faking the ligatures

Walter Schmidt walter.schmidt@arcormail.de
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 17:22:03 -0400

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000 23:45:53 +0200 (METDST), Primoz Peterlin wrote:

>I have the line you mention included in my psfonts.map

Oh...  Now I'm clueless.

>Most likely. I suspect that
>\transformfont{ulgr8r} {\reencodefont{8r}{\fromafm{ulgr8a}}}
>expects that the fi and fl ligatures are there (they would have been
>there, if ulgr8a would indeed use Adobe Standard Encoding), and the
>virtual font ulgr8t expects that the ligatures are present in ulgr8r,
>while in fact it is referring to an empty space. 

No, fontinst will fake the missing ligatures.  After all, 
the vpl _does_ contain the faked fi ligature, as you told us.

Did you take a look at the resulting PostScript file with
GhostScript, on the screen?  Does Ghostscript _show_ the 
ligatures?  Perhaps you can also try to _print_ the file via 
Ghostscript (as opposed to the PS interpreter in the printer.)

\begin{off topic}
> In hope it might help I even have included the line:
>ulgr8a  LetterGotLEE-Medi  <LE21004L.PFB
>Even though this is wrong - the -8a suffix is supposed to denote 
>Adobe Standard Encoding, not some arbitrary one like CP1250, which 
>LE21004L.PFB is actually using.

This is not a problem.  Just think of "8a" as "not reencoded".
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