Comments wanted: Directory structure of fontinst/inputs/

Karsten Tinnefeld
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 13:29:41 -0400

>  >> %Germandbls SS
>  HS> There is obviously no such character like an upper case ß. If you
>  HS> need for one reason or another a SS, then fake it.
> i wonder, why then T1 encoding contains uppercase ß (it looks like SS). :-)
> should this be fixed too by removing SS glyph from T1?

it is there so that you can {\uppercase ß}.  There are many bad programs 
around that capitalize Straße (street, as in address labels) as STRAßE, 
which is *very ugly*. They may use STRASSE (with or w/o SS lig) or 
STRASZE, which is only just ugly and only used for clarity (as when 
contrasting MASSE (mass) to MASZE (measures).

> and while we are here, one more question: iso-8859-1 contains
> ydieresis but does not contain an uppercase form: Ydieresis. Why is it
> so? Is it because the languages which are supported by iso-8859-1 and
> which need ydieresis, do not use Ydieresis?

In the Netherlands, ÿ is afaik the same as the ij ligature, and in the 
uppercase form, the IJ ligature is used almost always.

Cpoko\u ino\u i no\u ci,

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