T1 (was Re: Comments wanted: Directory structure of fontinst/inputs/)

Hilmar Schlegel schlegel@vossnet.de
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 09:12:10 -0400

Primoz Peterlin wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Walter Schmidt wrote:
> > Could you, please, explain:
> > - which language(s) need Scedilla?
> Turkish.
> > - which language(s) need Scommaaccent?
> > - which language(s) need Tcommaaccent?
> Romanian, both.
> This is a well-known issue. Romanian delegates weren't careful enough when
> the ISO 8859-2 standard was in preparation, so cedilla slipped in place of
> comma below, 

It is no problem to use the correct characters in IsoLatin2-encoding!
The problem is that T1 maps Isolatin1 plus Isolatin2 into one encoding
and leaves one single slot for actualyl two distinct characters.

> although the latter form is preferred in the Romanian
> typography. It was later amended in the ISO10646/Unicode version 3, which
> includes S and T with comma below on positions 0x0218-0x021B, apart from
> the S with cedilla on 0x015E/0x015F. T with cedilla was retained in the
> ISO10646 standard on 0x0162/0x0163, although it is to my knowledge used in
> no language.

Correct: there is no such character. Unicode & AGL are fixed.

Hope this helps.

Hilmar Schlegel