Comments wanted: Directory structure of fontinst/inputs/

Lars Hellström
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:32:17 -0400

At 22.01 +0200 2000-08-30, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> BTW, didn't Vladimir Volovich some time ago write something about
>> that he was writing support for cyrillic fonts?  IMHO that seems
>> like a good starting point for two directories cyretx/ and cyrmtx/!)
>This is already part of the t2 package on CTAN.

So it is! macros/latex/contrib/supported/t2 isn't where I would think of
looking for fontinst material, but the use of certain LaTeX macros
(\@ifundefined, \@for) in the code explains why it was put there. (I have
only had the time for a quick glance at it, but I think fontinst v1.9
already contains analogues of all the LaTeX macros used, so updating the t2
package for v1.9 would remove the restriction that it must be used with a
LaTeX format.)

Any other comments, anyone?

Lars Hellström