setting of interword glue

Thierry Bouche
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 04:54:51 -0400

Concernant « setting of interword glue », Han The Thanh écrit : «
» Hi all,
» can someone please explain to me the reason for setting of interword
» stretching/shrinking as follow
»    ...
»    \setint{fontdimen(3)}{\scale{\int{interword}}{600}}% interword stretch       
»    \setint{fontdimen(4)}{\scale{\int{interword}}{240}}% interword shrink        
»    ...

Because it works. The first implementation by Alan Jeffrey was more
strict, but prevented tex from doing its job in too many cases, these
values were adopted at some point as a working compromise.

» Another question is that why it is given in ext file? Shouldn't it be 
» rather in a mtx file?

Don't know, they are default values. MTX are the right place for
overwriting them.

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