fontinst v1.914 announcement

Lars Hellström
Sat, 17 Jun 2000 08:30:02 -0400

At 20.57 +0200 0-06-16, Rolf Marvin B¯e Lindgren wrote:
>[Lars Hellström]
>| - There is now a mechanism for generating the necessary map files entries
>| automatically (I posted an example of what it can produce a few months
>| back). So far it knows how to generate map files for the dvips and dvipdfm
>| drivers, and it can be extended to support other drivers.
>but how is the mechanism invoked?  from skimming through the
Indeed it seems like that is what you have done. I feel very much like
saying RTFM now, but as there is no proper such yet, I suppose I can tell
you what you missed. It's called \recordtransforms.

When I use the map file writer, I have two different command files. The
first make PL, VPL, and FD files (i.e., all the usual fontinst chores) and
can be something like

   \input fontinst.sty

When I have ran that through TeX, I run TeX on the example command file
from Section 3 of fisource.tex, and that produces the actual mapfile (or
mapfiles, as it can generate for several drivers simultaneously).

>documentation and testing a bit, it does not seem like any variant of
>\input finstmsc.sty
>\input fontinst.sty
You should _not_ have fontinst.sty and finstmsc.sty loaded simultaneously.
They need to define certain commands differently.

Here you say "Open the file pba (TeX will then add a suffix .tex) and set
it up for writing dvips mapfile lines to it." \adddriver has no third

You shouldn't wrap \latinfamily in \installfonts ... \endinstallfonts. It
contains those commands internally. As far as I can see, you'll trash your
FDs by doing the above.


But have another go!

Lars Hellström