fontinst and OSF

Lars Hellström
Tue, 2 May 2000 10:58:16 -0400

At 20.48 +0200 0-04-28, Ralph Aichinger wrote:
>I am a rather unexperienced user of TeX and fontinst, but I want to
>try installing a font with oldstyle figures nevertheless.
>I followed the example in the documentation and installing it worked
>for me, but I have one problem: I want OSF as a default, even in
>page and section numbers, as well as in text, without the \oldstylefigs

(If you mean the LaTeX \oldstylenums command then you most likely shouldn't
use that, since the oldstyle figures it produces are fetched from a math

>In the german-speaking TeX newsgroup I was pointed towards the
>ECO package, but this works only with CM fonts -- and to me it
>too complicated to understand what magic it does to get OSF in
>the place of tabular figures.
>Any hints that save me from butchering up the font in Fontographer?

Well, using fontinst can certainly do the trick, but what you have to do
depends a bit on which fonts you have to start with. If there are Expert
fonts for your family and you've got these, then you can use \latinfamily
straight on---just add a `j' as the fourth letter of the family name
argument, e.g.


will create an Adobe Garamond family with hanging (a.k.a. oldstyle)
figures. For LaTeX, this family will have the NFSS family name `padj'.

In other cases things get trickier. There was a discussion on this list
back in December on this matter.

Lars Hellström