Newbie question

Lars Hellström
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:01:17 -0400

At 21.58 +0200 0-04-18, Florian-Daniel Otel wrote:
>Hello there,
>[Newbie mode on, pls]
>For some time now i'm reading docs about how to use PostScript fonts
>in LaTeX. So far i managed to:
>1) Get the .afm and .pfb fonts for the fonts i'm intrested
>2) Rename them to Karl Berry  naming scheme
>I put the .afm and .pfb in a directory:
>>ls bao*
>baob8r.afm   baob8rc.pfb  baoh8rx.afm   baohi8rx.pfb  baop8r.afm  baor8r.pfb
>baob8r.pfb   baoc8r.afm   baoh8rx.pfb   baol8r.afm    baop8r.pfb  baori8r.afm
>baob8rc.afm  baoc8r.pfb   baohi8rx.afm  baol8r.pfb    baor8r.afm  baori8r.pfb

I suspect that what causes your problems is a tiny error in step 2 above.
\latinfamily expects AFM files to end in 8a.afm (or 8x.afm, in the case of
an expert font) since the default encoding for most fonts is Adobe's
StandardEncoding, which in the Berry scheme is called 8a (and the encoding
used for expert fonts is called 8x).

According to the fontname file, the proper Berry scheme names are

baol8a    Incised901BT-Light                BT  0387    inc901l
baor8a    Incised901BT-Roman                BT  0388    inc901n
baori8a   Incised901BT-Italic               BT  0389    inc901i
baob8a    Incised901BT-Bold                 BT  0390    inc901b
baoc8a    Incised901BT-Black                BT  0391    inc901k
baob8ac   Incised901BT-BoldCondensed        BT  0467    inc901bc
baop8a    Incised901BT-Compact              BT  0468    inc901c
baoh8ax   Incised901BT-Nord                 BT  0469    in901xk
baohi8ax  Incised901BT-NordItalic           BT  0470    in901xki

but you shouldn't feel too bad about not getting it absolutely right on the
first attempt---the Berry scheme isn't precise (in the meaning assigns a
unique name to every font) and I'm pretty sure \latinfamily makes a few
assumptions of its own on how a name should look.

Anyway, if you use the names listed above then it should work much better.

Lars Hellström