fontinst bug(s) ?

Fri, 21 Jan 2000 17:59:00 -0500

Lars Hellstr÷m wrote:
> >I do indeed see in the log-file that t1c.etx is called, but in the output,
> >(test2.ps_full, test2.pdf_full_Acro, or test2.pdf_pdftex)
> >the bold small caps are basically the size of true caps: about 40% larger
> >than the real (regular) small caps...
> >
> >Conceivably this is just a "feature"...
> It's not a bug anyway. The amount by which the upper case is scaled to fake
> small caps is stored in the fontinst integer smallcapsscale, and latin.mtx
> uses the default value 800 for this. You could set it to some other value
> before the \latinfamily, e.g.
>   \setint{smallcapsscale}{600}
>   \latinfamily{pad}{}
> would get you smaller faked smallcaps, but the more you scale, the more the
> apparent weight changes. You can't get everything right, but I agree not
> having the same smallcaps x-height in all weights must look very strange.

Yes, it does. In fact, looking at the printout I wasn't sure they were scaled
down at all (there are no real caps in the "Try"...)
I'll have a try at the suggestion (and report back if by chance it seems to
suggest something interesting).
But for now, the most urgent thing seems to me to try understanding
point "B"
_ the "fatal error" from dvicopy. This is why I posted the complete
setup as
"test2.tar.gz" by ftp anonymous on (Apparently nobody
downloaded it yet: that's probably the free rider problem in having a
list as

> BTW, nice to hear that someone (other than the maintainers) is reading
> fisource.

At least those pages: trying to follow the progress towards implementing
"the most promising approach" (and towards accessing the "Alt" fonts, even
if only in Unicode, via omega).


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