fontinst bug(s) ?

Fri, 21 Jan 2000 11:45:31 -0500

Thierry Bouche wrote:
> There are no bold small caps in AGaramond,

OK. Forgot to check this.

>                                             if you want that, you
> should use \bfdefault=sb, so fontinst fakes bold small caps by
> reducing true caps from the bold fonts.

I guess you mean: pads8x has small caps, so with \bfdefault=sb I would
get them.

As to faking, the documentation (fisource.pdf p.16) seems to imply I
should get
it in bold weight:

"Since real small caps fonts are not included,
they have to be faked from the roman fonts, which is implemented by setting
\encoding_shape to `c', so that different encoding files OT1c.etx or
T1c.etx are
used. Since these files call for glyph names such as `Asmall' which are
not found
in the roman font, the default substitutions in latin.mtx are eventaully
used to
approximate fake small caps glyphs by scaling and letterspacing. The
outcome is
just an approximation for a small caps font, but it is better than nothing."

I do indeed see in the log-file that t1c.etx is called, but in the output,
(test2.ps_full, test2.pdf_full_Acro, or test2.pdf_pdftex)
the bold small caps are basically the size of true caps: about 40% larger
than the real (regular) small caps...

Conceivably this is just a "feature"...

> To know if subsetting is the cause of your pbs, simply try dvips -j0
> and compare.

This was done, as you can see in the tar.gz file; it was a source of
additional problems, as mentioned ("point A"), but the difficulties
sub "B" and "C" were not related ("B" concerns just the dvi file and dvicopy,
whiie for point "C", all output files (referred to here above) were
generated either with pdftex or with dvips -j0. 

> No clue for the rest.

Thanks anyway. At least, this starts to clarify point "C".

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