Malyshev's t2 fonts

Vladimir Volovich
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 14:31:59 -0500

"HS" == Hilmar Schlegel writes:

 HS> In general the optimal lenght the hyphen sticks out is a
 HS> font-dependent property.

BTW, how one could determine, for a given font, the optimal "hyphen
stick out length"? this information is not present in metric files,
isn't it? maybe it is a purely subjective quantity? then the default
of 1/2 hyphen width seems to be a better default, because it will give
a non-zero "hanging hyphenation" effect, if one will set (in TeX) the
\hyphenchar\font=127 (or \defaulthyphenchar=127). By default, in TeX,
hyphenchar is 45, so there will be no "hanging hyphenation" (slot #45
is hyphen, with zero stick out length).

	Best regards, -- Vladimir.