[dviout] dviout font rendering glitch on windows

Beuthe, Thomas beuthet at aecl.ca
Thu Aug 12 06:22:37 CEST 2010

When I first installed TeXLive 2009 on my windows systems,
I also had the pfm mathtime and CM fonts installed native
on the system.
Everything worked well, except for dviout when I tested it
with the default cm fonts.  For example when I tried to render
the following document on screen as a sort of "hello world":
test test
the font appeared as some strange san-serif font that didn't
look anything like the cm fonts, even though dviout seemed
to be going through the right motions.
After a lot of testing and head scratching, I finally traced it
down to the natively installed CM fonts.  When I uninstalled them,
dviout rendered everything perfectly.
Does anyone have an idea how I can make dviout 
and the pfm installed CM fonts co-exist peacefully?

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