[accessibility] Current packages and methods of generating tagged PDF from LaTeX

Ulrike Fischer fischer at troubleshooting-tex.de
Sat Jun 29 08:08:59 CEST 2019

>> authors and publishers can have very good reasons for not wishing to release the source.

> Agreed, but it is quite easy to produce a “standardised LaTeX”
> version of the document that would only contain
> “sanitized/standardised LaTeX” without the stuff which they do not
> want publicised: and thus version could not be used to recreate the copyrighted document.

One of the documents I create contains exactly one word in the
document body (\printinvoice} and a few lines of setup in the

The real content is hidden in a csv and a quite large style file with
lots of expl3 code.

There are LaTeX-sources which are quite readable in themselves, but
there are also documents where the content is so hidden deeply behind
layers of macros, input files, post/preprocessing (e.g. of bib-file or
data-files)  that having the sources don't really help in


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