[accessibility] Current packages and methods of generating tagged PDF from LaTeX

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
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Hi Chris,

On 28 Jun 2019, at 1:34 pm, Christopher Rowley <c.a.rowley at icloud.com<mailto:c.a.rowley at icloud.com>> wrote:

Thanks, Ross, for reminding me (again!) that it is possible to create any tagged version of a document via a “pdf with full information in its tagging”.

PDF is a very versatile format, with its concept of objects and dictionaries.
But one has to be quite precise in creating such objects, especially with streams of data.
PDF production tools are meant to take care of that.

To my way of thinking, the “Universal” in PDF/UA — Universal Accessibility, is kind of like the Abstract Algebra concept of a Universal Object.
That is, to get a particular format of a document, you project down from the Universal Object, and all relevant structure will be preserved.

It’s kind of like Category Theory, in some ways...

The tagging in such a “fully tagged pdf” would need to be equivalent (pretty much identical to) that in a suitably rich XML schema.  One example (maybe the only one) of such a schema is that used as the target by the LaTeXML system.

Do you know of any tools that can transform (given all extra needed information) any XML schema into the necessary pdf stuff?

  … so you are asking for an appropriate (software) Functor, to map/export to XML schemas.
Working the level of Schemas, rather than individual documents, it would need to be a 2-functor or higher level, I guess.

That’s not the level at which I work.
But there is an Applied Category Theory conference coming up this July in Oxford:

Some of my academic colleagues will be there; but not me.

BTW, I’m not entirely joking, as a lot of programming can be described in a categorical way.
There’s even a 1/2 hour talk scheduled, titled:  The Mathematics of Text Structure .

Thanks, Chris



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