What is in the Package

MacTeX-2024 installs the complete TeX Live 2024 distribution. TeX Live runs on all modern operating systems, including macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, and various forms of BSD Unix. The distribution is the same on all of these systems; nothing has been added, subtracted, or modified to make it work on OS X. The decision to install the complete distribution rather than a useful subset is the result of advice from users new to TeX, who explained that when everything is installed, examples from books about TeX all just work.

MacTeX-2024 consists of several packages; a custom install option allows users to select which packages to install. The packages are

To discover what is installed by MacTeX-2024 and where it goes, read the linked document: "What is installed"

A smaller BasicTeX Distribution

If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, you can use the much, much smaller BasicTeX distribution available on the Smaller Packages page. Some users with fast connections prefer this package because of its small footprint; it is adequate for most TeX work.

Happy TeXing on macOS !