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** New Features in MacTeX-2022 and TeX Live 2022 **

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Since 2021, MacTeX has supported both Arm and Intel processors. Arm binaries are compiled on a machine with an Arm processor and Intel binaries are compiled on a machine with an Intel processor. Then these binaries are combined into a single "universal binary" file.

Last year the programs biber and xindy were exceptions, containing only Intel code. They still ran on Arm machines using Rosetta. This year both programs are fully universal.

The program TeX Live Utility by Adam Maxwell makes heavy use of the scripting language Python. Python has been included in macOS for many years, but recently Python 2 was replaced by Python 3 and it became harder to predict which version would be in macOS. So Apple told developers that Python would eventually be removed from macOS and if they use it, they should embed a copy directly in their applications. TeX Live Utility now contains its own copy of Python. Apple indeed removed Python from the third update of Monterey, but TeX Live Utility continued to work.

TeX Live 2022

The following list of TeX Live changes is taken directly from a TUG pretest web page. The TUG page has relative links into the documentation which we removed. Read below for a brief overview. For details, go to

Notable changes

As always, there are pervasive updates to packages and programs. We can't list them all, but here are the major user-visible changes in the principal programs:


Cross-engine extensions

In engines except for original TeX, Aleph, and hiTeX:

eptex, euptex



Bug fix for infinite macro expansion.


ptex et al.


New wrapper scripts xetex-unsafe and xelatex-unsafe for simpler invocation of documents requiring both XeTeX and PSTricks transparency operators, which is inherently unsafe (until and unless reimplementation in Ghostscript happens). For safety, use Lua(La)TeX.



By default, do not attempt automatic media adjustment for rotated paper sizes; the new option --landscaperotate re-enables.



First path returned from kpsewhich -all is now the same as a regular (non-all) search.



MacTeX and its binary folder universal-darwin require macOS 10.14 or higher (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey). The x86_64-darwinlegacy binary folder, available only with the Unix install-tl, supports 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and newer.


No changes to platform support for this year (2022). However, for next year's release (2023), we are planning to switch the Windows binaries from 32-bit to 64-bit. Unfortunately we cannot feasibly support both simultaneously.