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** Getting help **

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  TeX Live Web Pages
Since MacTeX installs an unmodified TeX Live distribution, the full resources of the TUG web pages will be a major source of information. Particularly recommended is the page Getting started with TeX, LaTeX, and friends.

  Trouble Shooting
Here is a link to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the MacTeX installation.

  What Is Installed
To discover what is installed by MacTeX-2020 and where it goes, read the linked document.

  Support for Multiple TeX Distributions
New versions of TeX Live are produced approximately once a year. The previous version of MacTeX contained TeX Live 2021; the new version contains TeX Live 2022. Installing the new version preserves the old version, and it is easy to switch back to that version if the new TeX Live has a bug. To understand how that is accomplished, read the document on support for Multiple TeX Distributions.

Uninstalling MacTeX
If you change your mind and decide that you want to uninstall MacTeX-2022, read these notes.

  TeXnical Help
Get typesetting help for TeX/LaTeX/XeTeX on Mac OS X by joining the "MacOSX-TeX" mailing list. Google is also your friend and can help you to search and locate articles on TeX topics.