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** TeX on El Capitan **

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El Capitan

From the beginning, MacTeX installed a symbolic link named /usr/texbin pointing indirectly to the TeX binaries. But in El Capitan and higher, Apple doesn't allow users to install items in /usr. Even users with root access cannot install there. On the other hand, /usr/local, where we install TeX itself, is open to users as usual.

Therefore we created a second symbolic link, /Library/TeX/texbin, which works exactly like /usr/texbin. This has been operational for the last year. MacTeX-2015, BasicTeX-2015 and all later versions install this link.

The shell automatically uses the new link to find TeX, but some GUI applications may need to be reconfigured. All the GUI applications we supply automatically reconfigure themselves on El Capitan and above.

The document Updating For El Capitan by Herbert Schulz explains how to configure a number of other party GUI applications..

The new symbolic links also work for older TeX installations. Once they are installed by MacTeX and BasicTeX and GUI apps are reconfigured, users can switch back to, say, TeXLive-2013 as usual.

Yosemite Upgrade Problem Is Fixed

When TeX users upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite, many ran into a problem that the installer seemed to stall a few minutes before ending, and a final step took from an hour to over twenty-four hours. During this time, the installer was moving files from a temporary location back to /usr/local. Since TeX contains tens of thousands of files, this process took a long time. This problem was fixed in El Capitan.


cocoAspell is an addition to Apple's Spell Checking System by Anton Leuski. This addition understands LaTeX and therefore does not mark LaTeX control words as misspelled. It is highly recommended for all TeX users.

Pieces of cocoAspell broke in El Capitan, but users found workarounds to bring the spell checker back to life. Unfortunately, these workarounds failed in Sierra.

On November 8, Anton Leuski updated cocoAspell so all the pieces work on both El Capitan and Sierra, made the project open source, and released the source code. To get it in an Apple install package, go to