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TUG would like to encourage smaller, more informal local area gatherings (LAGs) of TeX users where these are not already well established. We know only a small fraction of TeX users can attend the larger conferences, and hope to support more local meetings, as has long been the case with the European TeX groups.

Below is a list of such local gatherings. (See related page for a list of all TeX user groups worldwide.)

If you would like to serve as a contact point or initiate a local TeX gathering in your area to appear here, please fill out this form. TUG can host mailing lists or web pages, if local resources are lacking.

If you have questions about this local gathering initiative, please contact the TUG board.

Australia - Australian TeX gathering

Principal Contact
name: Veronica Brandt
email: veronica@brandt.id.au
web site:www.brandt.id.au/tex.html
8 Beauford St
Woodford NSW 2778

Massachusetts - Brandeis TeX Users

Principal Contact
name: John Burt
email: burt@brandeis.edu
web site:lts.brandeis.edu/techhelp/software/cssm/tex.html
Department of English MS023
Brandeis University
Waltham, Massachusetts 02474
phone:+1 781-736-2158
fax:+1 781-736-2179
Meetings are open to all, not just the Brandeis community.

New Jersey - Central Jersey TeX Users

Principal Contact
name: Steve Peter
email: speter@mac.com
310 Hana Road
Edison, NJ 08817
phone:+1 732-287-5392

Ohio - Ohio TeX Users

Principal Contact
name: Jon Breitenbucher
email: jbreitenbuch@wooster.edu
web site: woolatex.wooster.edu
308 E. University
The College of Wooster
Wooster, Ohio 44691
phone:+1 330-263-2207
fax:+1 330-263-2516

Oregon - TeX Users Group

Principal Contact
name: TUG Office
email: office@tug.org
web site: www.tug.org
TeX Users Group
P.O. Box 2311
Portland, OR 97208-2311

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