Gentium and TeX

The Gentium font family from SIL was “designed to enable the diverse ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek scripts to produce readable, high-quality publications.” [ref]

The TeX package gentium-tug includes official Type1 fonts (Gentium Plus PS) released and maintained under the auspices of TUG, along with ConTeXt and LaTeX support, as well as the original (unaltered) TrueType fonts from SIL. The Gentium Plus PS fonts incorporate the name “Gentium” by permission of SIL given to TUG (hence the name of the package).

Bug reports are welcome by email or by submission to the issue tracker. Please include a complete source document and the exact program invocation, as well as a description of what goes wrong. Especially if the problem is not quickly resolved, it is helpful to post it to the bug database, so it won't be forgotten.

The fonts are released under the SIL Open Font License; supporting TeX files under the permissive Expat license. Thanks to Victor Gaultney at SIL for his support with our creation of this package—and of course far more crucially for designing the fonts in the first place.

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