Bugs in Eplain

LaTeX packages under pdfTeX

If you encounter problems loading LaTeX's graphics, graphicx or color packages under pdfTeX (more specifically, when pdfTeX reads supp-mis.tex), the cause may be an outdated supp-mis.tex (part of ConTeXt, a typesetting system for TeX) installed on your system. The problem was fixed in supp-mis.tex version 2004.10.26. You can obtain up-to-date versions of supp-mis.tex and the accompanying supp-pdf.tex from CTAN. To convince TeX to use the new files, you have the following options in the decreasing order of preference:

  1. put the new files in the same directory with your document;
  2. overwrite the outdated files installed by your TeX distribution;
  3. install the new supp-mis.tex and supp-pdf.tex files in the relevant subdirectory of your local texmf tree (here you can find info on the TeX directory structure);
  4. upgrade your ConTeXt installation.
Note that option 1 is the safest but provides the fix only for your current document. Options 2 and 3 will usually suffice for Eplain but may break ConTeXt. Option 4 is the most general but is more complicated than the first three. Be sure to backup any files you overwrite. Also keep in mind that upgrading your TeX distribution may overwrite files you install in the system texmf tree.

\pagecolor under pdfTeX

If you encounter problems using the \pagecolor command from the color package under pdfTeX, the cause may be an outdated pdfTeX color and graphics driver pdftex.def. The problem was fixed in pdftex.def version 0.03p. You can obtain an up-to-date version here.

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