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Notice regarding 1997 TeX Users Group election

The 1997 election for the TeX Users Group Board of Directors has now ended. Since there were fewer nominated candidates than vacant positions, in accordance with the Election Procedures, the candidates who did submit nomination papers are declared elected. No ballots will be circulated.

The open positions, as announced, were President and six members of the Board of Directors.

The following individuals will be taking positions on the Board of Directors for 4-year terms ending in 2001:

Donna Burnette
Mimi Jett
Patricia Monohon
Arthur Ogawa
Petr Sojka

In the absence of a ballot, the statements of candidacy which would have appeared there will be published instead in TUGboat 18#1.

Four Board members whose terms were due to end in 1998 had agreed that they would be willing for their terms to be extended to 1999 to accommodate a change in the election schedule from annually to every two years (see the election announcement, TUGboat 17#3, p.240). Had there been a ballot, their names would have been listed there for confirmation by the membership. However, in the absence of a ballot, it is proposed that, in accordance with the Bylaws (Article VII, Section 10), the incoming President confirm the extension of their terms. These Board members are:

Barbara Beeton
Karl Berry
Judy Johnson
Jiri Zlatuska

There is no candidate for TUG President. This poses a problem. Although the Bylaws and Election Procedures provide for the filling of vacant Board positions by appointment, no provision exists for the absence of a candidate for President. There is not sufficient time left before the annual meeting in July to solicit additional candidates and circulate ballots.

In order to ensure that the necessary decisions are arrived at in a democratic manner, and that the incoming Board has some say in the matters which will affect them most directly, Michel Goossens, the outgoing President, has appointed the new members to the Board for a temporary period effective immediately, to expire when their regular term begins.

It is proposed that individuals wishing to present themselves as candidates for President do so in the following manner, with the election be held during the annual TUG business meeting which will take place during the TUG annual meeting in San Francisco (July 28-August 1).

Any TUG member in good standing who will be present at the annual business meeting may submit a valid nomination form and supporting statement (see the announcement in TUGboat 17#3 or the TUG web pages, no later than Monday, July 28 (the first day of the meeting), and be prepared to present his/her program at the business meeting (currently scheduled for Thursday, July 31).

(All TUG members are reminded that except for certain transactions such as personnel matters, which legally are privileged, Board meetings are open to members as observers.) The Board meeting is scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27, at the main meeting site; room details will be posted when available. Candidates for President are encouraged to attend.

Nomination forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to the Elections Committee by one of two methods: (1) by July 15, sent to the address below rather than to the address given in the TUGboat announcement, or (2) July 26-28, brought to the meeting and delivered in person to one of the undersigned committee members. If sending forms by mail or fax, please confirm this to the Committee at the email address below; electronic copies of candidates' statements may also be sent to this address any time before the meeting.

In order for this business to be transacted legally, at least 50 TUG members must be present to form a quorum (Bylaws, Article III, Section 6). It is therefore very important for members to attend this meeting, in order to help define the future of our organization.

 For the Elections Committee
 Sebastian Rahtz, Barbara Beeton

Address for submission of nominations for TUG President:
Barbara Beeton
TUG Elections Committee
American Mathematical Society
P.O. Box 6248
Providence, RI 02940
Fax: +1 401 331-3842