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General information about the TeX software available on DVD is available separately.

As of 2024, TUG no longer distributes a DVD as a membership benefit. Our information is that nowadays the vast majority of members have sufficient bandwidth to access downloads. Therefore producing the DVD as a large bulk worldwide mailing doesn't seem the best use of TUG's resources.

Nonetheless, we realize that some users still need a DVD of TeX software. If you can burn DVDs yourself, or want the ISO images as electronic files instead of physical discs, see the image links on the general DVD software page.

DVD request form

To request that a DVD be burned and mailed to you, by one of the volunteers fulfilling these requests, please fill out the form below. The volunteer will contact you for your full mailing address and to arrange for any needed reimbursement to cover the fees (cost of the DVD and mailing).

While we do our best to connect all requests with volunteers, that's all we can do here. TUG does not burn DVDs itself. Any issues are between you and the volunteer, so we must give the caveat: use at your own risk!

The form asks you to specify which of the components you need. In the past, a single DVD (the “TeX Collection”) was created with all four components, but as of 2024, this was no longer possible: the combined size exceeds the capacity of one disc.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us. Thanks for your interest in TeX.

Your information

Software requested
(MiKTeX and CTAN images are still work in progress. Feel free to submit requests and they will be fulfilled when available.)


Finally: if you would like to volunteer to help fulfill these requests, that would be most appreciated. Please email us, and thanks.

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