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This is a list of the professional TeX consultants and vendors who have asked to be included here. If you would like to be included here and/or in the analogous list in TUGboat, please use this online form to submit a listing. For comments or corrections to existing entries, please email us.

The information comes from the people who asked to be listed. We do not include any information we know to be false, but we cannot check out any of the information; we are transmitting it to you as it was given to us and do not promise it is correct. Also, this is not an endorsement of the people listed here. We have no opinion and usually no information about the abilities of any provider. We maintain this list to enable you to contact service providers and decide for yourself whether to hire one.

Consultants listed here: Boris Veytsman Consulting - Dangerous Curve - Amy Hendrickson - David Latchman - LaTeX Typesetting - Rajiv Monsurate - SARL Atelier Fluxus Virus (Yannis & Tereza Haralambous) - Jake Warde - Jonathan Webley.

See also: AMS list of TeX vendors, TUG job board (help wanted), and the tug-consult mailing list (anyone is welcome to join and/or post).

Boris Veytsman Consulting   borisv@lk.net - borisv.lk.net
132 Warbler Ln. / Brisbane, CA 94005 / USA
Phone: +1 703 915-2406
TeX and LaTeX consulting, training, typesetting and seminars. Integration with databases, automated document preparation, custom LaTeX packages, conversions (Word, OpenOffice etc.) and much more.

I have about two decades of experience in TeX and three decades of experience in teaching & training. I have authored more than forty packages on CTAN as well as Perl packages on CPAN and R packages on CRAN, published papers in TeX-related journals, and conducted several workshops on TeX and related subjects. Among my customers have been Amnesty International, Annals of Mathematics, ACM, FAO UN, Google, Israel Journal of Mathematics, No Starch Press, Philosophers' Imprint, Res Philosophica, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Treasury, and many others.

We recently expanded our staff and operations to provide copy-editing, cleaning and troubleshooting of TeX manuscripts as well as typesetting of books, papers & journals, including multilingual copy with non-Latin scripts, and more.

Dangerous Curve   khargreaves@gmail.com
Typesetting for over 40 years, we have experience in production typography, graphic design, font design, and computer science, to name a few things. One of us co-authored, designed, and illustrated a TeX book (TeX for the Impatient).

We can:

Our clients include high-end branding and advertising agencies, academics at top universities, leading publishers. A member of TUG, we also have supported the GNU Project for decades (and even have worked for them).

All quote work is complimentary.

Amy Hendrickson   amyh@texnology.com - www.texnology.com
57 Longwood Avenue Apt. 8 / Brookline, MA 02446 / USA
Phone: +1 6177388029

Full time LaTeX consultant for more than 30 years—Our macro packages are used by thousands of authors. See our site for many samples: www.texnology.com.

I'll be glad to hear from you!

David Latchman   contact@texnical-designs.com - texnical-designs.com
2005 Eye St., Suite #6 / Bakersfield, CA 93301 / USA
LaTeX consultant specializing in the typesetting of books, manuscripts, articles, Word document conversion, as well as creating the customized LaTeX packages to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your project or visit the website for further details.

LaTeX Typesetting   enquiries@latextypesetting.com - latextypesetting.com
Auckland, New Zealand
LaTeX Typesetting has been in business since 2013 and is run by Vel, the developer behind LaTeXTemplates.com. The primary focus of the service is on creating high quality LaTeX templates and typesetting for business purposes, but individual clients are welcome too.

I pride myself on a strong attention to detail, friendly communication, high code quality with extensive commenting and an understanding of your business needs. I can also help you with automated document production using LaTeX. I'm a scientist, designer and software developer, so no matter your field, I've got you covered.

I invite you to review the extensive collection of past work at the Showcase. Submit an enquiry for a free quote!

Rajiv Monsurate   rajivmonsurate.com, latexwithstyle.com
I offer: design of books and journals for print and online layouts with LaTeX and CSS; production of books and journals for any layout with publish-ready PDF, HTML and XML from LaTeX (bypassing any publishers' processes); custom development of LaTeX packages with documentation; copyediting and proofreading for English; training in LaTeX for authors, publishers and typesetters.

I have over two decades of experience in academic publishing, helping authors, publishers and typesetters use LaTeX. I've built typesetting and conversion systems with LaTeX and provided TeX support for a major publisher.

SARL Atelier Fluxus Virus (Yannis & Tereza Haralambous)   yannis1962@gmail.com - www.fluxus-virus.com
38, rue Emile Zola, Brest, 29200, France
Phone: 33607981626
Making books is a profound pleasure and hard work. We do it for a living since 1991.

Our clients are manifold, they deal with:

We can make any publishing project of yours come true because we have total control on our tools. We offer:

Feel free to contact us by email for any project: yannis@fluxus-virus.com.

Jake Warde   jwarde@wardepub.com - myprojectnotebook.com
90 Resaca Ave. / Box 452 / Forest Knolls, CA 94933
Phone: +1 650-468-1393
I have been in academic publishing for 30+ years. I was a linguistics major at Stanford in the mid 1970's, then started a publishing career. I knew about TeX from editors at Addison-Wesley who were using it to publish beautifully set math and computer science books.

Long story short I started using LaTeX for exploratory projects several years ago. (See website above) I have completed typesetting projects for several journal articles. I have also explored the use of multiple languages in documents extensively. I have a strong developmental editing background in STEM subjects. If you need assistance getting your manuscript set in TeX I can help. And if I cannot help I'll let you know right away.

Jonathan Webley   jonathan.webley@gmail.com - wordsandnumbersediting.co.uk
Flat 1/1 / 8 Queens Crescent / Glasgow G4 9BW / United Kingdom Phone: 07914344479
I'm a proofreader, copy editor and LaTeX typesetter. I specialize in STEM subjects, especially maths, physics, engineering and IT. I'm willing to undertake most LaTeX work, although I specialise in equations and tricky tables, and converting Word and other documents to LaTeX, included handwritten documents. I can also apply a journal template or another template. I can produce simple graphs and other diagrams. I've done hundreds of papers for journals over the years, plus quite a few books. Samples of work can be supplied on request. I offer a fast, quality, reliable, and trustworthy service.

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