Advertising in TUGboat

Why advertise in TUGboat? Because TUGboat is the primary journal for information regarding the TeX typesetting system and its users and developers.

TUGboat contents include articles on current developments and applications, theoretical discussions, tutorials and how-to items, conference proceedings, news from user groups around the world, and much more. Information of long-standing significance as well as material of short-term import are both included.

Distribution: TUGboat is a major benefit of membership in the TeX Users Group (currently around 1,000 physical copies worldwide and an unknown electronic distribution). Publication is three times a year, with one issue devoted to the conference proceedings of the TUG annual meeting, with an experienced production team in the fields of typesetting, TeX, and publishing.

Areas of reader interest: Advertising in all fields of interest to the TeX community is encouraged, from TeXnical code to general typographical wisdom, from software and hardware to services and vendors, from books and electronic sources to positions available.

TUGboat Rates Ad width x height Frequency
page size pc in cm     1 issue   1 volume

Full page: 39x54   6.5x9 16.5x23 $150 $400

Half page:
horizontal   39x26   6.5x4.25   16.5x11 $100 $200
vertical   18.5x54   3x9 7.8x23 $100 $200

Quarter page   18.5x26   3x4.25 7.8x11 $50 $100

variable; please see online form for information and submission

Content requirements: Rates above are for black and white material. For color ads, please add 20%. Advertising copy may be submitted as PDF, TeX source, or (Encapsulated) PostScript files. Text for consultant listings is typeset by TUGboat.

Procedure: Email electronic files, questions, comments, or expressions of intent to For telephone, fax, or other means of contact, contact the TUG office.

Thanks for your interest.

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