EuroTeX 2005 Proceedings (Pont-à-Mousson, France)

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EuroTeX 2005 Proceedings (Pont-à-Mousson, France)

This proceedings of the EuroTeX 2005 conference at Pont-à-Mousson, France, was produced by DANTE e.V. and is a joint publication of many TeX user groups: DANTE, CervanTeX, GUST, GUT, NTG, TUG, and UKTUG. It is one of the three TUG publications for 2006, although it's not a numbered TUGboat issue.

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Complete issue as one pdf (18mb).

Let's TeX together—EuroTeX 2005 proceedings 
  Klaus Höppner, Fabrice Popineau 
Let's publish together—EuroTeX 2005 proceedings 
  Volker R.W. Schaa 
Schedule   vi 
Pictures      [Introductory — photos from the conference]  ix 
A taxonomy of automated typesetting systems 
  Joachim Schrod, Chris Rowley, Christine Detig 
MP2GL: Prototyping 3D objects with MetaPost and OpenGL 
  Denis Roegel 
MetaPost developments—Spring 2005 
  Taco Hoekwater, MetaPost Team 
From RTF to XML to LaTeX 
  Andre Dierker, Arne Jans, Stephan Lehmke 
The TEI/TeX interface 
  Sebastian Rahtz 
LaTeX3 news 
  Frank Mittelbach, Chris Rowley 
Typographic perfection with OpenType? 
  Adam Twardoch 
Namespaces for exTeX 
  Gerd Neugebauer 
  Patrick Gundlach 
Panel discussion with Hermann Zapf and Donald Knuth 
  Taco Hoekwater 
ProTeXt, a new TeX-collection for beginners 
  Thomas Feuerstack, Klaus Höppner 
“La machine à formulaires” (the forms' machine), or TeX for a Kafkaian world 
  Antoine Lejay 
ŞäferTeX: Source code esthetics for automated typesetters 
  Frank-Rene Schaefer 
Mem: A multilingual package for LaTeX with Aleph 
  Javier Bezos 
Omega becomes a sign processor 
  Yannis Haralambous, Gábor Bella 
Designing an implementation language for a TeX successor 
  David Kastrup 
CTAN progress report 
  Jim Hefferon 
Verbatim phrases and listings in LaTeX 
  Péter Szabó 
TeX forever! 
  Jonathan Fine 
The 16 faces of a Dutch math journal 
  Hans Hagen 
Experiences with micro-typographic extensions of pdfTeX in practice 
  Hàn Thế Thành 
Newmath and Unicode 
  Johannes Küster 
Latin Modern fonts: How less means more 
  Bogusław Jackowski, Janusz Nowacki 
Bibliography styles easier with MlBibTeX 
  Jean-Michel Hufflen 
The TeX wrapper structure: A basic TeX document model implemented in iTeXmac 
  Jérôme Laurens 
The bigfoot bundle for critical editions 
  David Kastrup 
List of authors and participants
Names   206 
EuroTeX 2006 invitation   212 

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