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About the various versions of the Computer Modern fonts

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Comparing different implementations of the Computer Modern fonts

This page mostly displays the roman versions. Separate pages are available for the sans serif and the typewriter versions. A separate page displays the different roman fonts.

The original vs. the European variations

The original Computer Modern fonts were designed in the OT1 encoding only. The European variations were made to comply with the Cork encoding scheme and to include various European characters not in use with the English language.

The European variations are in the T1 encoding. The fonts displayed in The LaTeX Font Catalogue are the CM Super fonts. This may vary with the local TeX distribution.

However there are some diffences. The metrics are similar but not quite the same and some special characters have different design.

Ligatures and special characters of the orignal Computer Modern Roman


Ligatures and special characters of the European Computer Modern Roman


These differences are present i several of the fonts in the Computer Modern family including