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TeX and friends - Donald Knuth - Typography and fonts.

TeX and friends

Videos from TeX conferences are linked separately.

2017-11-29: BSDNow TV Web cast, from 1:04 to 1:18, a discussion of Donald Knuth, TeX, LaTeX, and ConTeXt.

2016-11-16: Sebastian Rahtz memorial.

Donald Knuth

2018-01-12: All questions answered, Luleå University of Technology.

2017-07-18: Invitation to Knuth's organ composition Fantasia Apocalyptica, by organist Jan Overduin (Fantasia Apocalyptica web page.)

2017-03-15: History of Stanford's computer science department, panel discussion.

2016-09-21: 32 years of TeX and Metafont, at the San Francisco Public Library.

2016-02-04: Analysis of algorithms (hi-res) Historical re-enactment of inaugural lecture given on 1969-11-04 upon becoming a Stanford professor.

2015-11-04: All questions answered, University College Cork.

2014-06-14: Computer Science: All questions answered, UPMC Campus Jussieu.

2013-09-27: Let's Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science, 2014 Kailath lecture.

2013-05-21: All questions answered, JKU Linz.

2013-05-16: All questions answered, Vienna Gödel Lecture, TU Wien.

2011-05-17: All questions answered, Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture.

2011-03-24: All questions answered, Google Tech Talk.

2010-06-30: An Earthshaking Announcement, lecture given at TUG 2010 in San Francisco (paper).

2009: Lecture about DEK, part 1 and part 2, by Leon Sterling.

2006-04: Web of Stories, series of 97 videos. Some TeX-related and other selections:

1982-07-28ff.: The internal details of TeX82, twelve sessions:

1981-03-02ff.: Advanced TeXarcana, five sessions:

1981-02-23ff.: TeX for beginners, five sessions:

Typography and fonts

Ongoing: Herb Lubalin Lecture Series, Type@Cooper NYC.

2016-06-07: The last punchcutter, a documentary on Giuseppe Brachino, recreating a Griffo engraving.

2016-06: Typographers of the Road (trailer), about road painting, by O Street.

2016-04-23: St Brigid Press: How type is made, part 2—wood type

2016-04-12: St Brigid Press: How type is made, part 1—metal type

2016-03-15: Edward Johnston: Calligraphy & Type Design, Ewan Clayton, Type@Cooper West.

2016-03-15: Presentation on Bodoni by Valerie Lester, San Francisco.

2015-12-02: Pace Matters, Nick Benson, third-generation stone carver and owner-operator of the John Stevens Shop, founded in 1705.

2015-10-26: How Aldus Manutius Saved Western Civilization, G. Scott Clemons, Type@Cooper NYC.

2015-08-03: Humanform Letterform, Sumner Stone, Type@Cooper NYC.

2015-06-15: Words, Petr van Blokland, Type@Cooper NYC.

2015-05-12: Linotype: End of an era at the New York Times.

2013-12-12: The Great 202 Jailbreak, reverse engineering the Linotronic 202 typesetter at Bell Labs, David Brailsford, Computerphile.

2012-08-11: Linotype typesetting, Salesian Vocational.

2009-01-09: RGB vs. CMYK color models, PressCats.com.

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