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Publishing Companion

last update: July 24, 2001

Note: I tried an older version of this product, but it turned out not to be useful for me. Reasons: see here. Maybe the current version does much better, but it's too expensive for me.

citation from http://www.ktalk.com/pubcomp.html (external link) - citation begin>>

Publishing Companion translates the following to plain TeX or LaTeX:
Automatic Indexes Newspaper-style Columns
Boxes Non-break Hyphens & Spaces
Centering Outlines
Endnotes Page Numbering
Flush Right Paragraphs
Footnotes Parallel Columns
Foreign Characters Point Sizes
Full Fonts Redlining
Horizontal Lines Running Headers & Footers
Indents Soft Hyphens
Justification Strikeout
Mail Merge Superscripts & Subscripts
MathEdit Math Equations Table of Contents
MS Word 6.0 Math Equations Type Styles (bold, italic)
WordPerfect Math Equations Widows & Orphans on/off

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