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MathType equation editor

last update: Sep. 21, 2007

MathType, the full scale, commercial version of the equation editor which comes with Microsoft Word, is capable of converting its equations to TeX format. Plain Tex, LaTeX, AMS-TeX, AMS-LaTeX and several flavors of MathML are available in the current release 6.
MathType comes with a Word macro which will convert all the equations in a Word document into TeX.
One can also type or paste an equation coded in TeX into MathType 6.

A special version of MathType, called TeXaide, is now available to be downloaded for free from the mathtype homepage (external link). With TeXaide you can compose equations and output them in Plain TeX, AMS TeX, LaTeX, and AMS LaTeX. You can also select and copy a Word equation (with or without opening the equation editor), paste it into TeXaide and then output it in TeX format, one equation at a time. It runs on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT 4.0 and newer.

I personally have MathType 3.1 and 4.0, too, and these are able to convert from their own format as well as from WinWord's EquationEditor format TO TeX. The backward direction (TeX to MathType) is ONLY possible for TeX code which was produced by MathType (containing a TeX comment which allows MathType to see how it was generated).
However MathType 6 now allows typing or pasting TeX code which thereby is converted to a MathType object.
Back-conversion from MathType to EquationEditor is only possible from MathType 3.1 and 4, not from the later versions.

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