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Press Figure The aim is to develop the following verse into a full poem, worthy for publication in that illustrious journal, TUGboat.

Oh, what a tangled web is TeX,
or so it seems at the outset;
for highest quality, the best to look,
Oh why did I choose to typeset my own book!




Submit new verses, single lines or even a whole separate poem, which embody the trials, tribulations, joys and euphoria of learning/using/mastering the typesetting power of TeX or LaTeX.

Stand-alone poems should include a tangled web quotation (in either variation, implied or exact) or the www online theme somewhere in the work.

bookwork animation Book worm poets may use other tangled web quotations in the literature.
Or, see the bard's scribblings; help him get ideas....

All submissions will be considered, with the best and cleverest lines and phrases being incorporated into the final masterpiece. This will be read at an appropriate meal-time during the TUG'99 conference, and published in the proceedings issue of TUGboat.

Authors present will receive an appropriate reward for their contribution.

Meta-poetry will also be accepted in the form of graphics, style-files, special fonts, packages for annotations or acknowledgements (or apologies). Submit whatever could be appropriate or useful.

Entries should be submitted by Thursday, July 15, 1999 to
but sufficiently witty late entries may be accepted, at the discretion--or state of inebriation--of the judges. Poetry Contest: printable version (pdf)

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TUG '99 Poetry Committee
The 20th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group
August 15-19, 1999
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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