TUG 2020 online - Program & participants

Accepted presentations for the conference and registered participants will be listed here as time goes by. For now, please see these links:


  1. Paulo Cereda, The Island of TeX: developing abroad—your next destination
  2. Paulo Cereda, TeX in church: a typographical adventure
  3. Jennifer Claudio, Typographical expression of emotions in a variety of alphabet systems
  4. Tom Hejda (Overleaf)
  5. Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Type specimens
  6. Patrick Ion (AMS)
  7. Ross Moore, CMaps, Virtual fonts, ActualText for reliable text extraction and accessibility
  8. Ross Moore, Musings about accessibility: how authors and editors can help
  9. Ross Moore, Examples of Accessible diagrams, using TikZ and fully tagged PDFs
  10. Norbert Preining, TeX Live 2020—changes under the hood, or: Making distribution of TeX Live a bit easier
  11. Norbert Preining, TeX services at texlive.info
  12. Norbert Preining, The daily grind of TeX Live DevOps
  13. Martin Ruckert, HINT Is Not TeX
  14. samcarter, TopTeX, a new Q&A site for TeX
  15. Paulo Ney de Souza, Vadim Ponomarev, dePSFrag, the final nail in the coffin
  16. Boris Veytsman, Using Overleaf for collaborative projects: first impressions and lessons learned
  17. Joseph Wright, learnlatex.org: taking online training LaTeX fully interactive



  1. C H Arun
  2. Danniel Dias Augusto
  3. Karl Berry
  4. Paulo Cereda, Island of TeX
  5. Marco Cevoli
  6. Dennis Claudio
  7. Jennifer Claudio, Oak Grove High School Science Research Program
  8. Ben Frank
  9. Steve Grathwohl
  10. Francis Guedes
  11. Jürgen Hackl, University of Liverpool
  12. Tom Hejda, Overleaf
  13. Amelia Hugill-Fontanel, Cary Graphic Arts Collection at RIT
  14. Sahil Joshi
  15. Unni Kartha G, Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Kerala
  16. Keiichi Kitamura
  17. Raj Kombiyil, Amrita U., Kerala
  18. Henri Menke, University of Otago and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
  19. Ross Moore, Macquarie University
  20. Phelype Oleinik, São Bento do Sul, Brazil
  21. Gabriel Peixoto
  22. Raghavendra Prasad
  23. J V Ramana Reddy
  24. Martin Ruckert, Munich University of Applied Sciences
  25. samcarter
  26. Herbert Schulz
  27. Michael Sharpe, UCSD
  28. Danilo Borges da Silva, UESPI
  29. Martony Demes da Silva, UFPI
  30. Paulo Ney de Souza, University of California, Berkeley & BooksInBytes
  31. Niranjan Vikas Tambe
  32. Dhananjayareddy Thanakanti, Bangalore
  33. Win Treese
  34. Boris Veytsman, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and George Mason University
  35. Joseph Wright, LaTeX Project
  36. Uwe Ziegenhagen, DANTE e.V.

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