Information of Accomodation

TUG 2005 Conference will be in Wuchang, Wuhan. We tried to make the hotel you stay is near the conference hall, so you don't need to waste your time on the traffic to move from one place to another.

East Lake Hotel (Wuhan Donghu Guest House)

The TUG2005 conference is planned to be held in East Lake Hotel, which was the summer hotel of Chairman Mao in the 1950s-1970s. It is built near the East Lake in Wuhan, which is a nice place. The conference hall will be naer the hotel rooms inside this construction group.

The August in Wuhan it is the hottest month, the daytime temperature may reach 35-37 Celsius centigrades, and drops down to 27-30 in the night! It is also quite humid. By the end of the August, it is getting better though. In any case, no winter clothes are required to bring with you. Don't be scared by the high temperature, the conference hall and the hotel rooms are all well air-conditioned.

The image is taken inside East Lake Hotel. On Aug 23, if it is not raining, Hong Feng will host you in the hotel for the barbecue and drinking tea and beers. Welcome you to join with us, and view the nice scene of the lake during your chatting.

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