Texdoc - development info

Source checkout.


Here, TEXDOC means the path to the texdoc dev sources as checked out, and TEXMFHOME denotes your personal texmf tree (you can get its location with kpsewhich --var-value TEXMFHOME).

You can make sure that the right files are used by running texdoc --files: the first line contains the full path to the version of texdoclib used, and the rest lists the configuration files in use.

Warning. The above instructions hold only if your system ships texdoc 0.81 or newer (first distributed with TeX Live 2011), which will automatically find and use the script in TEXMFHOME. For older versions on Unix, you had to override the texdoc executable which linked directly to the script in TEXMFMAIN. If you're in this case, please consult the pre-0.81 instructions.