TEX hyphenation patterns


This is the central place for hyphenation patterns in TEX. They are all bundled in a single package called hyph-utf8.

For pattern authors

If you are a pattern author and wish to update your patterns, please contact the hyph-utf8 package maintainers through the tex-hyphen mailing list.





Related Packages

  • Babel (pdf; 1659 kb) – for pdfTEX and other 8-bit TEX engines
  • Polyglossia (pdf; 169 kb) – for XETEX


The package contains patterns for the following languages:

(if patterns for any other language exist and are missing below please let us know)

  name, synonyms code
(link to file)
Afrikaans afrikaans af (1,2) EC
Ancientgreek ancientgreek grc (1,1)
  ibycus grc-x-ibycus (2,2)
Arabic arabic ar (,)
Armenian armenian hy (1,2)
Assamese assamese as (1,1)
Basque basque eu (2,2) EC
Bengali bengali bn (1,1)
Bulgarian bulgarian bg (2,2) T2A
Catalan catalan ca (2,2) EC
Chinese pinyin zh-latn-pinyin (1,1) EC
Coptic coptic cop (1,1)
Croatian croatian hr (2,2) EC
Czech czech cs (2,3) EC
Danish danish da (2,2) EC
Dutch dutch nl (2,2) EC
English english, usenglish, USenglish, american (default) (2,3) ASCII
  ukenglish, british, UKenglish en-gb (2,3) ASCII
  usenglishmax en-us (2,3) ASCII
Esperanto esperanto eo (2,2) IL3
Estonian estonian et (2,3) EC
Ethiopic ethiopic, amharic, geez mul-ethi (1,1)
Farsi farsi, persian fa (,)
Finnish finnish fi (2,2) EC
French french, patois, francais fr (2,3) EC
Friulan friulan fur (2,2) EC
Galician galician gl (2,2) EC
German german de-1901 (2,2) EC
  ngerman de-1996 (2,2) EC
  swissgerman de-ch-1901 (2,2) EC
Greek monogreek el-monoton (1,1)
  greek, polygreek el-polyton (1,1)
Gujarati gujarati gu (1,1)
Hindi hindi hi (1,1)
Hungarian hungarian hu (2,2) EC
Icelandic icelandic is (2,2) EC
Indonesian indonesian id (2,2) ASCII
Interlingua interlingua ia (2,2) ASCII
Irish irish ga (2,3) EC
Italian italian it (2,2) ASCII
Kannada kannada kn (1,1)
Kurmanji kurmanji kmr (2,2) EC
Latin latin la (2,2) EC
Latvian latvian lv (2,2) L7X
Lithuanian lithuanian lt (2,2) L7X
Malayalam malayalam ml (1,1)
Marathi marathi mr (1,1)
Mongolian mongolian mn-cyrl (2,2) T2A
  mongolianlmc mn-cyrl-x-lmc (2,2) LMC
Norwegian bokmal, norwegian, norsk nb (2,2) EC
  nynorsk nn (2,2) EC
Oriya oriya or (1,1)
Panjabi panjabi pa (1,1)
Polish polish pl (2,2) QX
Portuguese portuguese, portuges pt (2,3) EC
Romanian romanian ro (2,2) EC
Romansh romansh rm (2,2) ASCII
Russian russian ru (2,2) T2A
Sanskrit sanskrit sa (1,3)
Serbian serbian sr-latn (2,2) EC
Serbianc serbianc sh-cyrl (2,2) T2A
Slovak slovak sk (2,3) EC
Slovenian slovenian, slovene sl (2,2) EC
Spanish spanish, espanol es (2,2) EC
Swedish swedish sv (2,2) EC
Tamil tamil ta (1,1)
Telugu telugu te (1,1)
Turkish turkish tr (2,2) EC
Turkmen turkmen tk (2,2) EC
Ukrainian ukrainian uk (2,2) T2A
Uppersorbian uppersorbian hsb (2,2) EC
Welsh welsh cy (2,3) EC

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