Practical TeX 2018 workshops

Calligraphy workshop: Mon/Tue post-talks

Designer Kris Holmes has kindly agreed to lead a workshop on calligraphy. She will guide us in a quick tour through the letters, and (special to our conference) math and technical signs and numerals. (Some photos from another workshop.)

We expect to schedule this for two two-hour sessions, after the conference talks on Monday and Tuesday (June 25 and 26), but can't be sure until closer to time. In any case, it will not be concurrent with any talks.

There is a limit of 20 participants. Please reserve a spot by signing up on the conference registration form. There is a small additional fee to help cover expenses.

All materials will be provided and no prior calligraphy experience is necessary.

LaTeX workshop: Monday day

On Monday, June 25, we will offer an introductory/intermediate LaTeX workshop, led by Jim Hefferon.

This workshop will run concurrently with the main conference (for the first day only). Thus, more advanced talks will be scheduled for that day in the main conference.

There is a limit of 15 participants. If you're attending the rest of the conference, there is no additional fee; just let us know in the comments field on the conference registration form.

You can also register for the workshop alone, also on the registration form, for a small fee. In past years, students and staff at nearby institutions, especially, have taken advantage of this.

The workshop will include time for individual one-on-one attention, so please do bring any specific questions or problems you might have and we will do our best to help.

Participants should bring their own laptops (and have TeX installed if possible). Otherwise, we hope people will be able to share.

R+knitr+LaTeX workshop: (tentatively) Wednesday post-talks

Lab notebooks with LaTeX, R and knitr, led by Boris Veytsman. (The day/time may change; we'll finalize closer to the conference.)

The work of a research scientist involves keeping daily notebooks. Such a working notebook is a document with text, equations, calculations, figures, tables, code snippets which reflects the current state of the lab research. This workshop teaches how to maintain such notebooks in a TeX/R environment.

Prerequisites: please install the following on your computer— a TeX distribution (preferably TeX Live or MiKTeX), R with packages knitr, tikzDevice and Hmisc. For a front end, we can use either Rstudio or Emacs + AucTeX + ESS.

After you have installed R, you can install knitr, tikzDevice and Hmisc using the R packaging system.

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