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2010, Number 1


[Published 2010-06-09]
From the Editor: In this issue; Next issue: LaTeX for Teachers; Editorial: LaTeX Work Bench
  Francisco Reinaldo
News from Around: Knuth update, 1,000,000 math formulas
  The Editors
Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2010-1
  The Editors
Some PDF/A tricks
  Claudio Beccari
Chemical structures with PPCHTeX
  Alan Braslau
Dual Screen Presentations with the LaTeX Beamer Class under X
  Klaus Dohmen
LaTeX e CSV (Italian)
  Massimiliano Dominici
About LaTeX tools that students of Logic should know (Portuguese)
  Aracele Garcia and Arthur Buchsbaum
Using LaTeX for Qualitative Data Analysis
  Ivan Griffin and Ita Richardson
Automatic report generation with your text editor, Perl, and LaTeX
  Richard Hardwick
Giving away a book
  Jim Hefferon
Continuous Integration in LaTeX
  Marco Antonio Gomez-Martin and Pedro Pablo Gomez-Martin
Useful Vector Graphic Tools for LaTeX Users
  Tomas Morales de Luna
Generating Academic Certificates (Portuguese)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
Developing software with Doxygen & LaTeX (Portuguese)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
A student report template (Portuguese)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
Six LaTeX tools (with videos) (Portuguese)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
Playing with Flash in ConTeXt-mkiv
  Luigi Scarso
Enhancing Command Completion for TeXShop
  Herbert Schulz
Tools for creating LaTeX-integrated graphics and animations under GNU/Linux
  Francesc Sunol
An Argument for Learning LaTeX: Benefits Beyond Typesetting
  Evan J. Wessler
Travels in TeX Land: memoir, TtH, and a booklet signature
  David Walden
Book review: LaTeX Quick Start (Portuguese)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
Book review: LaTeX Quick Start (English)
  Francisco Reinaldo et al
Ask Nelly:
      How can I have the author name for a quotation set on the same line as the quotation or on a new line, according to space requirements?
  The Editors
Distractions: Typesetting a fancy curriculum vitae
  The Editors

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