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2008, Number 1


[Published 2008-04-01]
From the Editor: In this issue; Next issue: Class and Style; Editorial: LaTeX-niques
  Yuri Robbers
News from Around:
TeX program updates; Bigelow introduces Grotesque; Day of LaTeX; Keming (?)
  The Editors
Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2008-1
  The Editors
Writing a thesis with LaTeX
  Lapo Mori
LaTeX goes with the flow
  Jim Hefferon
Learning To Sweave in APA Style
  Ista Zahn
Using BiBTeX to produce customized layouts
  Yogeshwarsing Calleecharan
Travels in TeX Land: Another ornament for "thought breaks"
  David Walden
Ask Nelly:
      How do I create math mode columns in tabular environments?
      How do I find the files required to compile my document?
  The Editors
Distractions — Spirograph with PSTricks
  The Editors