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2007, Number 1


[Published 2007-02-20]
From the Editor: In this issue; Next issue: TeX for Editors; A Practical Approach to Graphics
  Yuri Robbers
  From the Readers
News from Around:
     Videos of the Grand Wizard
     Kern Shirt
     LaTeX Tutorial Days
     Recent Release: The 2007 TeX Live and TeX Collection
     Recent Release: PCTeX 6
  The Editors
Whole Issue PDF for PracTeX Journal 2007-1
  The Editors
Graphics in LaTeX
  Claudio Beccari
Graphics with PGF and TikZ
  Andrew Mertz and William Slough
Square concepts
  Dirk Baechle
Creating book covers with PSTricks
  Yuri Robbers and Annemarie Skjold
Commutative Diagrams with XY-pic II. Frames and matrices
  Paul Blaga
Create Trees and Figures in Graph Theory with PSTricks
  Manjusha S. Joshi
LaTeXpedia: the future of LaTeX documentation
  Lapo Filippo Mori
Tables in LaTeX2e: Packages and Methods
  Lapo Filippo Mori
Babel, how to enjoy writing in different languages
  Enrico Gregorio
Hacking DVI files
  Jin-Hwan Cho
Writing and checking complete proofs in TeX
  Bob Neveln and Bob Alps
Travels in TeX Land: The post-typesetting phase of producing a book
  David Walden
The "hacking for learning" paradigm in LaTeX — Some thoughts by a long-time LaTeX user
  S. Parthasarathy
Ask Nelly:
      How do I create European style spacing within numbers?
  The Editors
Distractions — Some chess problems created in LaTeX
  The Editors