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Distractions — Some chess problems created in LaTeX

The Editors

Some LaTeX chess problems

Chess problems are by nature graphical, which makes them a great subject for this issue's "Distractions". We present, therefore, a paper by Dirk Baechle on chess problems.

In this paper Dirk explains how his program ChessTask works and can be used to typeset chess problems in LaTeX using the skak package by Torben Hoffmann (available from your local CTAN mirror). He also shows several chess problems, and explains in detail how to solve them.

For those who want more, some other chess problems are presented below. These problems have been typeset by one of the editors using the far more ancient chess font and style by Piet Tutelaers, also available from CTAN. This gives you the opportunity to compare the results of these two approaches to typesetting chess problems.

Additional chess problem 1

Additional chess problem 2

And here are their solutions.

Solution to additional chess problem 1

Solution to additional chess problem 2


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