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2005, Number 3


[Published 2005-07-15]
From the Editor
  Lance Carnes
  From Readers
News from Around
  Christina Thiele
Impressions from PracTeX05
  Compiled by Peter Flom and Tristan Miller
Making a Booklet
  Joe Hogg
Strategies for including graphics in LaTeX documents
  Klaus Hoeppner
A categorized search of CTAN
  Peter Flynn
LaTeX at a liberal arts college
  Jon Breitenbucher
Using poemscol for Critical Editions of Poetry
  John Burt
Word to LaTeX for a Large, Multi-Author Scientific Paper
  D. W. Ignat
What is TeX?
  Peter Flom, Hans Hagen, Joe Hogg, Nicola Talbot, Philip Taylor, Christina Thiele and David Walden
\begin{here} % getting started
     Topic #1: Creating my first LaTeX article, Part 3
  Tim Null
Travels in TeX Land: A Macro, Three Software Packages, and the Trouble with TeX
  David Walden
Ask Nelly:
     What is Lyx?;
     What are class and style files?
  The Editors
     A Pitfalls Contest and a Web Treasure Hunt -- prizes awarded!
  The Editors